Research and development (R&D) activity related to information technologies and systems involves the combination of typical approaches to technological development with social science research approaches. On the other hand, systems thinking is seen as an appropriate approach to deal with the complexity inherent in 'things' and 'phenomena' that are considered interesting. Thus, this type of approach is used in the analysis, understanding and redefinition of human activity situations and also in the analysis, design and construction of the computer-based artifacts (information and communication technology applications) used or to be used in those situations. 

The R&D activities of DSI members are framed in the Centro ALGORITMI of the University of Minho.

Research in Information Technologies and Systems at Algoritmi 

Centro ALGORITMI is a research unit of the School of Engineering – University of Minho, that develops R&D activity in Information and Communications Technology and Electronics (ICT&E), spreading into six major fields:

This perspective of action is already patent in the volume of projects in collaboration with external institutions, with a significant expression in the industrial sector, which, regionally, presents a greater weight. In fact, the University of Minho is located in a region with strong textile, clothing and footwear industries. Recently, the production sector of components for the automobile industry has gained relevance. At the same time, there is a notable growth of several urban centres with the inevitable appearance of service sectors that need support at different levels.

more information: http://www.algoritmi.uminho.pt

Research and Development Laboratories

DSI space used for IST research activities


Coordinated by professor Isabel Ramos


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