Educational offer

Bachelors and Integrated Masters

LEGSI -     Engineering and Management of Information Systems | SITEUMINHO
LETI -       Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering | SITEUMINHO
LCD -     Data Science | SITE |  UMINHO

Masters degrees

MEGSI - Engineering and Management of Information Systems | SITEUMINHO
MSI - Information Systems   | SITEUMINHO
METI - Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering | SITEUMINHO
MTI - Interactive Technologies  | SITEUMINHO
MGPE - Engineering Project Management | SITEUMINHO

PhD degrees

PDTSI - Information Systems and Technology (Doctoral Program)  | SITEUMINHO
MAP-I - Doctoral Programme in Computer Science | SITEUMINHO
MAP-Tele - Doctoral Programme in Telecommunications | SITEUMINHO


Dear graduates TSI@UMinho.

For about 25 years the University of Minho has already trained a significant number of professionals in Information Technologies and Systems (IST) in several undergraduate courses, masters and doctoral degrees (pre and post-Bologna).

The site has a description of the educational offer of the Department of Information Systems (DSI). The current and past. TSI@UMinho is the name we give to the set of courses we have been promoting.

The DSI is preparing a new strand of training aimed at TSI graduates. But we need your help. We need to know more about the career paths of our graduates, the main acts of profession they are involved in, their main training needs, etc.

A final-year student of MiEGSI (the Integrated Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management, the new name of the initial training offer in TSI), João Oliveira, as part of his master's dissertation, is conducting a study focusing precisely on those aspects. The first phase of João's work is to identify the whereabouts of TSI@UMinho graduates. And in particular the LIG and LTSI graduates. Then he will contact you.

As a basis for facilitating contacts a Linkedin group was created - (

At this stage the group refers only to graduates LIG e LTSI.

In a few weeks the scope will be extended to cover the whole community TSI@UMinho.

In addition to the instrumental role in the aforementioned work, this group will also serve the purpose of energising the community of graduates TSI@UMinho. In disseminating pertinent information but also in stimulating discussions relevant to the professions TSI.

I am therefore appealing for your collaboration.

First of all, by simply joining the Linkedin group. Then, by spreading this message to your course mates with whom you are in contact. And finally, by your active (and proactive) participation in the Linkedin group, in the spirit of a professional group.

We remain at your disposal.

João Alvaro Carvalho

PS: In an effort to contact the more than 1000 TSI graduates, we will explore various avenues. We apologize in advance for any multiple contacts.